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Annotate Studio is a one-stop interior designing & architecture solutions provider for all your décor needs. We are a highly reputed team of the best interior designers in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad.Our expert designers and architects are renowned for delivering brilliant design and layouts as outcomes that perfectly match your lifestyle.

Annotate Studio has been delivering remarkable services for over 12 years with great consistency. Whether you have residential space, official space, commercial space or luxury space, you get the most professional interior designers in Noida to accomplish your needs. You can consider your search for Noida most reliable and efficient interior designing and architecture firm completed with us.
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Our services range from large developments to small extensions and we have catered several clients with different needs. Being one of the leading interior
designing firms in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. We offer extraordinary designs for your residence. Best interior designers company in Delhi Ncr,
Best interior design firms in Delhi.
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  • ☘No hidden costs

  • ☘Easy EMIs

  • ☘45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • ☘One-stop shop for all interior needs

  • ☘Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • ☘ Personalised designs with 3D visuals

  • ☘ Cookie-cutter designs with 2D visuals


  • ☘45-day installation³"

  • ☘ "Regular updates with project tracking

  • ☘ Unreliable timelines"

  • ☘ "No communication on updates/ delays


  • ☘Branded materials

  • ☘146 quality checks

  • ☘Inferior materials used to cut costs

  • ☘ No quality checks


  • ☘ Flat 10 year warranty⁴

  • ☘ India's first & only on-site service warranty

  • ☘No warranty offered for products or services


  • ☘ Dedicated team for prompt response & support

  • ☘ No after-sales support


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To hire an interior designer who specializes to create an environment in design for client and their family comfort they use their experience in design through color, lighting, and planning, to create space where clients be happy to feel comfort

Designer work with the client to make understand their specific requirements such as budget, family member, and also the client's lifestyle for all information used their design ethics designer provides all comfort according to the client and their family member

Annotate Studio is a good choice for planning and designing your home, office, and commercial also because we have an experienced team and skilled architecture interior designers who are passionate about create environments in beautiful design.

We take time to understand client comfort and their needs we work with you like a family member.

We also have access to a wide range of resources and products, which allows us to create unique and personalized designs that reflect your personal style and taste.

Overall, our company is dedicated to creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service and results to our clients.

The interior design includesa typically big range ofservices to overall look spacious and comfortable in client property. Some of the services commonly offered by home interior designers include.

Space planning: This involves assessing the available space in a home and determining the most efficient and effective way to use it.

Color consultation: Home interior designers can help clients select colors that will work well together and create the desired mood or atmosphere in a room.

Furniture selection: Designers can help clients select furniture pieces that fit the space, complement the design style, and serve the desired function.

Lighting design: A designer can create a lighting plan that will enhance the overall ambiance of a room and highlight specific features or areas.

Window treatments: Designers can help clients select and install the right window treatments, such as curtains or blinds, to add privacy, style, and light control.

some flooring design is mentioned by the client like carpet flooring, tile, marble hardwood, etc.

Accessories and decor: Designers can help clients select and place decorative items, artwork, and other accessories that will enhance the overall look of the space.

Custom cabinetry and built-ins: Designers can create custom cabinetry and built-ins to maximize storage and functionality while also fitting the design style of the home.

Material selection: Designers can help clients choose materials for finishes, such as countertops, backsplashes, and tile, that are durable, practical, and attractive.

Overall, home interior design services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of the client and the space in question.

The cost of hiring an interior designer can depend on many factors how to experience a designer and scope of the project and the location. Some designers charged by project, some charged by their consultancy, and the percentage.

Some interior designers could charge from $50 to $500 or more per hour all depending on their level and project difficulty for a full-scale interior design project, such as a major renovation or new home construction, the designer may charge a flat fee based on the scope of the project or a percentage of the total project cost. The percentage can range from 10% to 30% dependingonthe designer’s skill and the complexity of the project.

Some regular timeline for an interior design project the designer will coordinate with the client to discuss requirements and budget

first meeting:- the designer meet the client to know about their comfort and budget takes a few hours or a day usually.

Design phase: The designer will create a design concept, including floor plans, color schemes, furniture layouts, and material selections. this stage can take many days or months depending on project location and material availability in the market.

Sourcing phase: The designer will source and select furniture, decor, and other materials for the project. this stage can take more weeks and months depending on material availability in the market.

Implementation phase: This is when the actual work begins, including any construction, painting, installation of furniture and decor, and other finishing touches. the timing of the stage will depend on the scope of the availability of the vendor.

Final stage:- the designer will provide a final walkthrough to ensure that all design concept is all right to client satisfaction.

1:-Modern Farmhouse: This style combines the warmth and charm of traditional farmhouse design with clean lines and contemporary elements. It features neutral colors, natural materials, and rustic accents.

2:-Scandinavian: this style is very simple and functional and creates nature light. It features light colors, clean lines, and minimalistic décor.

3:-Industrial: This style is inspired by the look of factories and warehouses, and it features raw materials, such as exposed brick, concrete, and metal. It also incorporates vintage and salvaged items.

4:-Bohemian: this style knows as electric and spirited free with a mix of texture, pattern, and color, It features an abundance of plants, natural materials, and vintage or handmade decor.

5:-Coastal: this style knows as beach and the ocean with a focus on the light and airy natural color and material and plantation. It features a lot of white and blue tones, natural textures, and nautical accents.

These are just a few of the current trending interior design styles. the best design of your home should be according to your life style that client free to feel.

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